Halle Oatridge

 Halle Oatridge,  studied art and design at Youngstown State.  She became a 1st grade teacher, but had a passion for charcuterie.  Designing and crafting this art for years she has now taken her love for creating charcuterie with her art and design background to form Savory Charcuterie.
By utilizing her knack for design to create charcuterie boards and grazing tables,  Halle makes a breathtaking  customizable board for every client’s charcuterie occasion for a memorable experience. Halle’s passion for her savory boards is reflected in the preparation that goes into every design whether it is for a holiday, anniversary gift, a corporate function or a date night in.
In Partnership with Whole Hearted Winery she designs 2 on demand charcuterie boards and makes fresh boards available daily to serve customers at the winery . Stop in and treat yourself to a glass of wine, and a charcuterie board!   Halle  can also create a custom board to fit your group at the winery or  at your next home or business event.