Peggy Beattie

Peggy Beattie is a fresh, new, but old comedian from the northern suburbs of Detroit. She’s not afraid to talk about the ridiculousness of the world today and her own version of crazy. Peggy has emceed at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle and recently made it to the finals at Mark Ridleys, Detroit to LA contest-Judges choice! She has performed in shows all across MI from One Night Stan’s, to Detroit House of Comedy. Peggy also opened for the hilarious, “Last Comic Standing” finalist, Rocky Laporte at Traverse City Comedy Club.

Nick Leydorf

Nick Leydorf is a fun-loving, Michigan comedian with a quick wit and a third nipple. When he’s not on stage, you can find Nick in his office being a lawyer, paying off his student loans. Described as “funny, adorable, and non-threatening” by one writer, Nick talks about his unrelatable profession in such a relatable way that audiences can’t help but laugh.


So far, Nick has performed in festivals around the country including Cleveland Comedy Festival, Crossroads Comedy Festival, Gilda’s LaughFest, the Detroit Comedy Festival, the Savage Henry Comedy Festival, Big Time Garbage Festival, What a Joke Comedy Festival, Stoop Fest and the Elsie Dairy Festival. Okay, the last one was because Whitesnake had to cancel.

Sheila Loveley

“Yes, that is my real name.”


Sharp, sarcastic and just plain silly, Sheila has performed at virtually every comedy club in and around the Midwest including Mark Ridleys Comedy Castle, One Night Stands, to McCurdy’s Comedy in Sarasota, Florida and over the bridge to Canada. So yes, an international sensation! She has shared the stage with the likes of Bobby Collins, Rob Little, Derick Richards and was also featured on NBC’s “So you think you’re funny?” A definite crowd pleaser. She is also happy to give back; so you can count on Sheila to do her part for various benefits.



If you ask Melissa Hager to describe herself, she will tell you she is just a farm girl from Frankenmuth, Michigan. She is a comedian, a producer, a radio and TV personality, and a friend to all. She has quickly risen in the ranks of the comedy community. She talks about living in Christmastown, USA (Frankenmuth, MI). Her likeability and original approach to stand up has made her a fan favorite. She has a popular Youtube channel (MelissaHagerTV), over 71 thousand followers on TikTok, and a strong following as a radio personality in Michigan. People don’t just like Melissa. They adore her! Melissa spends a large portion of her life producing, promoting and performing at The Comedy Series, which she founded in 2016. Through her dedication and hard work, her shows have become some of the most popular in the state of Michigan. It keeps her busy, provides venues for herself and other comedians, and it provides laughter throughout the region. She is simply trying to make you laugh. Sometimes, it’s as simple as that… as simple as a farm girl from a small town with a big heart and comedy in her soul


Embracing the belief that whine gets  better with age, Kathy Ryan shares the perils of life and dating in the age of social security, Medicare and living wills.

Rob LaCrosse

Home Brewer since 1986

Distiller since 1990

Certified Mixologist 2016

MSF Ridercoach since 2006


When I am passionate about something, I go to great lengths to learn as much as possible about it.  I learned distilling from a close relative at a relatively young age.  This taught me about the brewing and fermenting processes that I would build on in the future.  I had no idea that this would eventually become a passion of mine.

A few years later I would attempt to make beer.  I started my journey as a home brewer.  The first beer I made was from a kit.  It started with a can of syrup that would be transformed into a beer.  This was in the late 1980’s and no one knew about home brewing or craft beers.  Many people would try the beers and expect it to taste like a commercial beer.  You could see in their faces that they were not ready for what was soon to become the craft beer trend in the 1990’s to today.  These same beers would be met with a much warmer reception today.  I continued to brew beer for many years and it still brings pleasure today when I am doing it.

I decided I wanted to try to make the alcohol that I learned to make from a relative.  This took me down the road of learning distillation.  I started working with other distillers to make various alcohols.  I also started making cocktails at this time.  We would go to cocktail bars and try new concoctions.  It became enjoyable to relax with a cocktail and enjoy the conversations that would happen.  I decided I wanted to make these cocktails at home.  There were not a lot of resources at the time, but I did manage to find a few books and recipes.  Soon I was making my own recipes and creations.  There is something to be said for the ability to make a well-balanced drink that has that wow factor.  It was even more fun when you can do it at home.

This is what started the cocktail passion.  Since these days I went on to get certified as a mixologist though A Bar Above Mixology Academy.  I love making cocktails and I hope I can pass this passion to each person I come in contact with.


Richie is a Metro Detroit comedian who thrives in the embarrassment that life has to offer. Since 2016, he’s performed and emceed all around the Midwest. Richie can find the humor in any life event he encounters, and is not afraid to laugh at himself.

Greg Roy

Greg comes to us from the fast-paced world of advertising, where he created award-winning spots featuring such comedy icons as Martin Mull, Fred Willard, and Dennis Miller.

Chris Young

Chris Young is able to take real life experiences and turn them into laughs that maintain a clean but funny appearance. Chris’s luck (or lacks there of) have lead him to look at the world through a different set of glasses. Having once been called a pessimist by a fellow classmate “he replied simply, that he is not a pessimist but a optimist, as he believes things could not get any worse!”

He is a frequent performer at comedy clubs, colleges and casino’s as well as corporate shows around the country. He has appeared at the Gilda’s Laughfest in Grand Rapids,Mi the Laughing Skull Festival and the Canton Comedy Festival. His DryBar Special has millions of views. He was the winner of the TV20 Detroit “That’s Funny” Comedy Contest on My Network, as well as a finalist in Dave Coulier’s “Clean Guys of Comedy/Unbleepable Contest.” Chris is also a favorite on radio stations all across the country. He has shared the stage with some of his favorite comics, including Bob and Tom’s Mike Armstrong, Larry Reeb, Heywood Banks, and Dave Coulier.

Mike Bobbitt

Mike Bobbitt is brutally honest about his own faults and quirks in a relatable way which he hopes makes everyone realize we’re all in this together. He’s a progressive ally, but warns of the effects of overdoing it. There’s zero hate in Mike’s act, his coarse tongue, occasional juvenile propensity towards body functions and matter-of-fact delivery may not be for everyone.