Mike Bobbitt

Mike Bobbitt is brutally honest about his own faults and quirks in a relatable way which he hopes makes everyone realize we’re all in this together. He’s a progressive ally, but warns of the effects of overdoing it. There’s zero hate in Mike’s act, his coarse tongue, occasional juvenile propensity towards body functions and matter-of-fact delivery may not be for everyone.



US Army veteran, started his career in a country known for its comedy. Germany. Now back in his home state of Michigan, he works through his experiences by trading humility for humor.

You may have seen him performing at One Night Stan’s, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Detroit House of Comedy, Windsor Comedy Club and many other shows.


Mark Moehlig is a comic out of Clawson.  He’s hosted at Mark Ridley’s, won a comedy rumble, and performs all over Michigan.  Check out his podcast ASA Detroit.

Jason Jamerson

Jason A. Jamerson is a Detroit Native, comedian, actor, writer, host, and producer. As part of his early efforts, Jamerson embarked on his love for entertainment to pursue a career as a comedian. Finding the courage to perform on multiple stages across the Metro Detroit area, Jason found his voice, respect for the craft and humility amongst his mentors. To date he has shared stages with the likes of Michael Rappaport, Chris Redd, Tony Baker, Mark Curry, Carl Payne, Brandon T. Jackson, Tony Roberts and many more.


While learning the tricks of the trade, He was offered an opportunity to produce his very own show in 2016 entitled, “This Should Be A Comedy Special” which has been an annual staple for the metro Detroit comedy scene ever since. Jason now travels the country hitting stages and cracking up audience’s with his unique, entertaining brand of comedy.

Zach Martina

Zach Martina likes hot food and the cooling sensation that a peppermint candy brings whilst taking a deep breath. Yes, he is a stand-up comedian but, if you’re reading this, you assumed that. Did you know that he is also a father, a husband, a 6 time cannon ball champion, AND a notary public? This is a guy with depth, a guy with layers.


His irritations with the inane instances of life & love have left him ranting and raving on stages across the world for over a decade. In that time, Zach has been featured at stand up festivals such as 10,000 Laughs, Limestone and Gilda’s Laughfest where he was named one of the “Best of the Midwest”. He, regularly, shares the stage with some of his favorite comedians including Rory Scovel, Chad Daniels, the Sklar Brother and Big Jay Oakerson (among others) and he has released two comedy albums (Skunkman & Not the Worst Dad) that debuted at number one on the comedy charts and are, regularly, spun on SiriusXM.


If the problem is “(Dark Jokes + Delightful Delivery) x Big Energy” then Zach Martina is the ANSWER. Come see for yourself! xoxo

Ziggy Klett

Ziggy Klett was born in the deep north. The youngest of six children, he is four generations deep into an evil brew of Catholic rage and Jewish guilt. Often ridiculed as a youth for sporting bizarre hairstyles and colorful Norwegian sweaters, he quickly developed a twisted sense of humor. As a prolific bed wetter, his imaginary childhood friend, Mr. Peanut, guided him skillfully through a peculiar childhood of dumpster fires and petty theft.

A shaving scandal involving the girl’s archery team marred junior high for Ziggy; high school lowlights include being named valedictorian of his summer school class, being selected most likely to be water boarded, an unfortunate period of incarceration for his involvement in a pyramid-marketing scheme of homemade Tasers. Luckily, all charges were later dropped and he did, eventually, graduate.


College was a continuous blur of raucous parties and sophomoric stunts. Then classes started. After graduating (sort of) cum laude, Ziggy spent a brief period of time teaching Driver’s Ed at The Sorbonne in Paris and English as a Second Language in Detroit.

Comedy came quite naturally to Ziggy because, frankly, there was nothing else left to do. His comedic style can only be described as a bizarre cross between Sam Kinison, Robin Williams and Yves Montaigne. He is fast and furious, deep and shallow, high and low, but, mostly, he is simply pure, unadulterated Ziggy.


Steve’s stand up comedy style is sharp-tongued, often dark, and frequently self-deprecating. He draws on his experiences growing up as a child of baby boomers in the 70s and living in Detroit, Chicago, Boston, and L.A. He looks for the humor in life’s frustrations and traumas. Steve’s ideal joke is one that makes you laugh . . . and then feel ashamed for laughing. He performs regularly at venues throughout Michigan and elsewhere in the Midwest and has opened for Tom Papa and Kyle Kinane. He is a founding member of the “Lighten Up Comedy Show.”