Ziggy Klett

Ziggy Klett was born in the deep north. The youngest of six children, he is four generations deep into an evil brew of Catholic rage and Jewish guilt. Often ridiculed as a youth for sporting bizarre hairstyles and colorful Norwegian sweaters, he quickly developed a twisted sense of humor. As a prolific bed wetter, his imaginary childhood friend, Mr. Peanut, guided him skillfully through a peculiar childhood of dumpster fires and petty theft.

A shaving scandal involving the girl’s archery team marred junior high for Ziggy; high school lowlights include being named valedictorian of his summer school class, being selected most likely to be water boarded, an unfortunate period of incarceration for his involvement in a pyramid-marketing scheme of homemade Tasers. Luckily, all charges were later dropped and he did, eventually, graduate.


College was a continuous blur of raucous parties and sophomoric stunts. Then classes started. After graduating (sort of) cum laude, Ziggy spent a brief period of time teaching Driver’s Ed at The Sorbonne in Paris and English as a Second Language in Detroit.

Comedy came quite naturally to Ziggy because, frankly, there was nothing else left to do. His comedic style can only be described as a bizarre cross between Sam Kinison, Robin Williams and Yves Montaigne. He is fast and furious, deep and shallow, high and low, but, mostly, he is simply pure, unadulterated Ziggy.


Steve’s stand up comedy style is sharp-tongued, often dark, and frequently self-deprecating. He draws on his experiences growing up as a child of baby boomers in the 70s and living in Detroit, Chicago, Boston, and L.A. He looks for the humor in life’s frustrations and traumas. Steve’s ideal joke is one that makes you laugh . . . and then feel ashamed for laughing. He performs regularly at venues throughout Michigan and elsewhere in the Midwest and has opened for Tom Papa and Kyle Kinane. He is a founding member of the “Lighten Up Comedy Show.”

Wesley Ward

Weighing in at 265lbs this comedian comes to you from the small town of Marine City Michigan which is known for its gas station pizza and 9 antique stores .


As a kid Wesley Ward had nothing but time to think and when you come watch him do stand-up comedy live you might realize he’s been thinking too much


His debut album “White Forest Whitaker” grew a cult following on indie comedy scene. It debuted at number 1 on iTunes and has amassed over 300,000 streams on various streaming platforms

Pam Krugman

Pam Krugman has performed at Pallet City Comedy at Locust Cider (Denver), Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle (Royal Oak, MI), Funny Bone Comedy Club (Toledo), hosted at One Night Stan’s Comedy Club,  Comedy on State (Madison, WI), The Taurus (Miami), Relentless Comedy’s Bigg’s Bar & Grill Comedy Showcase, The Funny Spot at Captain’s Quarters Lounge, & won the Comedy Challenge at The Beach Tiki Bar & Boil. She graduated from the Improv Program at Go Comedy Improv Theater in April 2023. She’s pamtastic!

Billy Reno

Billy Reno

Billy Reno has always been told he should be a comedian, and finally, he listened. After honing his skills on the Detroit Comedy Scene, Billy has taken his unique brand of comedy all across the country. From clubs like the world-famous Comedy Store to bars, festivals, and college campuses, Billy has won over audiences with his affable charm and quick wit.

Billy has been recognized for his talent, too. He was a semifinalist at the Detroit to LA Comedy Competition and a finalist at the Border City Comedy Festival in Windsor, On. His debut comedy album, “Can’t Handle The Thought,” spent three weeks at the top of Apple iTunes charts. He’s even produced several shows across the Midwest, showcasing his versatility and creativity as both a performer and producer.

What sets Billy apart as a comedian is his ability to blend various styles of comedy seamlessly. Whether he’s telling one-liners, sharing stories, exploring dark and edgy topics, or diving into nonsensical jokes, Billy always delivers with a sarcastic tone and a goofy smile. Regardless of the subject matter, one thing is for sure: audiences never leave one of Billy’s shows disappointed. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with Billy Reno!

Dave Wellfare

Short on stature and big on personality is one way to describe Dave Wellfare. Another way would be to say, “His contagious energy fills any venue as he brings an in your face intensity to comedy as he tackles real life issues with a sarcastic twist. “ This former radio personality brings his animated stage persona to life in a show that’s guaranteed to make you come back for more. Dave has been in the entertainment industry for over 19 years, starting off on the #1 morning show in Lansing, MI. before transitioning to his real passion…Stand-Up Comedy. Lamenting his frustrations with raw attitude and comic fury are his forte. Dave has opened for many comedy great such as Fortune Feimster, Robert Kelly, Joe List and Dave Williamson to name a few. Also, Dave has been seen at comedy festivals all over the US. Most notably Laughfest, Grand Rapids premier comedy festival and Canada’s Border City Comedy Festival.

Mark Bonto

Mark Bonto is extremely energetic and animated, who’s been doing stand-up comedy for six decades. He’s performed on Comcast cable, starred in and written in the web-based television series Cloud 9, and has appeared in 8 major films. He has worked with such comics as Howie Mandel, Bob Saget, Larry Reeb, Judy Tenuta, and Bruce Baum, and was named Best Comic in Genesee county from 2018-2022. His comedy series The Funny Spot was recently voted #1 in that area by The View magazine.

Justin Divozzo

Hailing from Metro Detroit, Justin Divozzo is a blue collar factory worker who finds himself blowing off steam on stages all across the Midwest. He has performed at Mark Ridleys Comedy Castle, the Laugh Factory, the Funny Bone and the Emerald Theater, delivering his blunt observational humor of the world around him as he tackles subjects like dating, work, and being a father. He also runs a charity called “Crossroads Comedy” where he has raised money for foundations such as backpacks for kids, wounded warriors and most recently Gleaners food bank of Detroit. Make sure to check out Justin Divozzo at a show near you or many of the shows he does in metro Detroit, he simply does not disappoint.

Dustin Cole

Known for his energetic and physical storytelling style of comedy, Dustin is a force to be reckoned with on the club circuit today. Burning down stages from coast to coast in LA to Chicago and all the way down to Key West, this Flint Michigan native will be recording his next special and album ‘Obnoxious Behavior’ this summer at the world famous Machine Shop. Lately, he’s been touring regularly with comedy icon Bobcat Goldthwait, with the Police Academy star even going so far as calling Cole one of his favorite comedians. In recent years, he’s expanded his career as an entertainer into film as well and you’ll want to be sure to catch him in a leading role in the soon to be released indie thriller, Self Deception! Whether it’s seeing him crush at a club or watching him on the silver screen, catch Dustin Cole just once and you’ll be a fan for life 🎤