If you ask Melissa Hager to describe herself, she will tell you she is just a farm girl from Frankenmuth, Michigan. She is a comedian, a producer, a radio and TV personality, and a friend to all. She has quickly risen in the ranks of the comedy community. She talks about living in Christmastown, USA (Frankenmuth, MI). Her likeability and original approach to stand up has made her a fan favorite. She has a popular Youtube channel (MelissaHagerTV), over 71 thousand followers on TikTok, and a strong following as a radio personality in Michigan. People don’t just like Melissa. They adore her! Melissa spends a large portion of her life producing, promoting and performing at The Comedy Series, which she founded in 2016. Through her dedication and hard work, her shows have become some of the most popular in the state of Michigan. It keeps her busy, provides venues for herself and other comedians, and it provides laughter throughout the region. She is simply trying to make you laugh. Sometimes, it’s as simple as that… as simple as a farm girl from a small town with a big heart and comedy in her soul