Dave Wellfare

Short on stature and big on personality is one way to describe Dave Wellfare. Another way would be to say, “His contagious energy fills any venue as he brings an in your face intensity to comedy as he tackles real life issues with a sarcastic twist. “ This former radio personality brings his animated stage persona to life in a show that’s guaranteed to make you come back for more. Dave has been in the entertainment industry for over 19 years, starting off on the #1 morning show in Lansing, MI. before transitioning to his real passion…Stand-Up Comedy. Lamenting his frustrations with raw attitude and comic fury are his forte. Dave has opened for many comedy great such as Fortune Feimster, Robert Kelly, Joe List and Dave Williamson to name a few. Also, Dave has been seen at comedy festivals all over the US. Most notably Laughfest, Grand Rapids premier comedy festival and Canada’s Border City Comedy Festival.

Mark Bonto

Mark Bonto is extremely energetic and animated, who’s been doing stand-up comedy for six decades. He’s performed on Comcast cable, starred in and written in the web-based television series Cloud 9, and has appeared in 8 major films. He has worked with such comics as Howie Mandel, Bob Saget, Larry Reeb, Judy Tenuta, and Bruce Baum, and was named Best Comic in Genesee county from 2018-2022. His comedy series The Funny Spot was recently voted #1 in that area by The View magazine.

Justin Divozzo

Hailing from Metro Detroit, Justin Divozzo is a blue collar factory worker who finds himself blowing off steam on stages all across the Midwest. He has performed at Mark Ridleys Comedy Castle, the Laugh Factory, the Funny Bone and the Emerald Theater, delivering his blunt observational humor of the world around him as he tackles subjects like dating, work, and being a father. He also runs a charity called “Crossroads Comedy” where he has raised money for foundations such as backpacks for kids, wounded warriors and most recently Gleaners food bank of Detroit. Make sure to check out Justin Divozzo at a show near you or many of the shows he does in metro Detroit, he simply does not disappoint.

Dustin Cole

Known for his energetic and physical storytelling style of comedy, Dustin is a force to be reckoned with on the club circuit today. Burning down stages from coast to coast in LA to Chicago and all the way down to Key West, this Flint Michigan native will be recording his next special and album ‘Obnoxious Behavior’ this summer at the world famous Machine Shop. Lately, he’s been touring regularly with comedy icon Bobcat Goldthwait, with the Police Academy star even going so far as calling Cole one of his favorite comedians. In recent years, he’s expanded his career as an entertainer into film as well and you’ll want to be sure to catch him in a leading role in the soon to be released indie thriller, Self Deception! Whether it’s seeing him crush at a club or watching him on the silver screen, catch Dustin Cole just once and you’ll be a fan for life 🎤


Detroit native Ned Rice was an Emmy-nominated Hollywood joke writer for Jay Leno, Bill Maher, Joan Rivers, and other comedy legends.  Now he’s back home in Michigan pursuing a career in stand-up comedy.


Preston isn’t from around here.  He arrived in Michigan four years ago from the hills of West Virginia.  Though not originally from there either, he did once eat a squirrel.


As the overwhelmed dad of several toddlers, Preston got into comedy as a way to cope with the stress.  It was either that or heavy drinking.  He chose both.


Since then, he has been bringing his hilariously astute observations and sordid tales from the trenches of fatherhood to stages all over Michigan, including Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, The Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, and One Night Stan’s.


Cynical beyond his years, he’s a father, and a husband, but first and foremost an irreverent bastard.


Michigan’s Premier Storyteller

Norm first encountered the love of laughter in the second grade at Lodge Elementary in Detroit Michigan. It was after he wrote a funny little story and turned it in to his teacher who found it funny, and much like a coach recognizing athletic ability she saw his humor and encouraged him to tell the story in front of the classroom and as the laughter flowed over him it became clear that this feeling would be a part of the fabric of his life. Performing the routine for the school assembly solidified the response was not just from childhood friends but from strangers as well. Norm was a part of each years assembly every year and grew to include costumes and props.
While attending Murphy Junior High school in the seventh grade, one of the students running for class president asked Norm to write and perform a skit as part of his campaign. A rule was put into place stating that if Norm Stulz wrote and performed for one candidate, he would have to do so for each candidate if so asked. And asked he was. One memorable skit was a send up of Ben Casey, a popular physician based television show at the time who had a mentor character named Dr. Zorba, the elderly, wise and a little funny side kick. Norm used a bathing cap and wig along with a small white lab coat to transform himself into the good Dr. Zorba, and included his trademark posters of Life, Death, and Infinity. Norm added a poster “And this is my Kitty Cat Whiskers.” Funny juvenile humor appreciated at that level. It was also at this time he met a girl who would go on to share the rest of his life. Sharon Marie Shepherd was asked to go steady and presented a gold band which she wears behind her diamonds to this day.
While attending Redford High School Norm played in the concert and marching band and noticing that the office had “office aids” talked his band director into allowing him to start a group of “band aids,” who had the hall pass ability to fetch friends out of other boring classes to come to the music room for jam sessions. While serious about the music the laughter accompanied each note. The concert band was challenged by director Jerry Burns to play the 13 major scales up and down within 60 seconds. The hallways were strewn with young musicians practicing, not Norm, he simply asked a friend to play them when needed as Norm pretended (first lip sync ever) to play them, the band was so shocked at the notes coming out of his baritone horn that when he finished (Tom Orton finished) they broke into applause and Norm stood and raised his horn above his head and smiled down to Mr Jerry Burns. The next morning Norm walked into the band office and told Mr. Burns he had a confession about his scales, the director looked up and said “Orton played them, I saw you take two breaths while the tone was still coming out. It was just too funny and perfectly timed to spoil the moment!” It was with the Redford High School marching band that Norm attained his first national television credit as they performed for Bob Barker on his hit show Truth or Consequences. A Vietnam veteran returning surprised his wife by dressing in a band uniform and marching past his wife till she recognized him. Norm was never the Class Clown the student who interrupted class, he was the class comedian who embellished the points. All of his teachers enjoyed having him in the class, and the classmates seemed to enjoy it as well.
In 1981 Norm took his first step onto the professional comedy stage at The Castle. Back stage, which was really just the back of the room, Norm met numerous comedians awaiting their turn to the stage. Norm met Hey Hey Danny Grey, Willy Tyler and Lester, Tim Lilly, Jerry Elliott, and Tim Dick who went by the stage name Tim Allen.
After his first 10 minute set to a sold out Monda night open mic audience and watching the other comics work on their sets Norm felt he was in the right place. As the weeks turned into months of open mic sets at the Castle and Bea’s Comedy Kitchen in downtown Detroit, Mark Ridley asked if Norm would stop by and do 20 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday. At this time of his life any extra money was big money for Norm as his wife Sharon had presented him with another son and a daughter and that money paid the grocery bill for the week.
It was Bob Saget who contacted Norm and asked him to come to California to film a spot for the CBS Morning Comedy series he was hosting at the time. It was 1987 and Norm took to the sky to find Hollywood for the first of many times.
Bud Freidman from the Improv in Los Angeles was a judge in Detroit for The Johnny Walker Comedy Competition. This was the midwest regional finals, before televised shows, and “producers” having a word on who was the best. Just a good old live comic verses comic throw down. Norm not only won the competition, Bud himself asked Norm to come to Los Angeles to film an episode of An Evening at the Improv for the A & E Network.
As winner of the Johnny Walker contest, Norm and other regional winners were sponsored by National Lampoon and flown to Las Vegas to film the National Competition for Showtime Network. Norm worked with Leslie Neilsen.The award winning CBS television show filmed a documentary entitled “Survival of the Funniest” and Erin Moriarty followed Norm through a normal day in his life. The film crew followed Norm as he shopped, ate and prepared for the evenings competition in Detroit. Norm won that competition and the show aired before the Showtime special. Norm has appeared on many local television commercials and comedy specials.
While making a living is important Norm has always felt that giving back was the most rewarding part of the entertainment business. Norm has received awards from Jerry Lewis, Gilda’s House, The American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Awareness, The Johnny Burke Children’s Foundation, The Easter Seals, Toys for Tots, Pancreatic Cancer, Make A Wish, Children’s Miracle Network, and many private fundraising performances for needy families.
Corporate America has found Norm Stulz as well. Norm has performed for hundreds of corporations such as General Motors, General Foods, Westinghouse, Dow Chemical, the FBI, National Sheriff’s Convention, along with numerous others. The ability to hit any language parameter allows Norm to perform for audiences in any setting, from a fourth grade schoolroom to a gated senior center.
As always there is more to the story, come to a Norm Stulz performance and let him fill in the blanks while at the performance, breath as often as you can and watch the amount of eye makeup you are willing to see streaked down your cheeks. He will tell you the rest of the story.
Norm is living his Happily Ever After & enjoying it with laughter.

Ace Armstrong

Ace Armstrong is a stand-up comedian, radio personality, and actor residing in Michigan. He grew up in Kansas and Missouri, appearing on radio stations KKJO-FM (“KJO-105”) in St. Joseph, Missouri and KXXR/KISF (“Kiss 107.3”) in Kansas City in the mid-1990s before moving to Flint, Michigan radio station WWCK-FM (“CK105”) in 1994. He left that station to move to the west side of the state, appearing on Midwest Radio Group stations WNWN-FM (“Win 98.5”) and WFAT (“96.5: The Fat One”) doing nights and, eventually, mornings before retiring from radio in 2000.


He began his stand-up comedy career at Stanford & Sons Comedy Club in Kansas City, and performed regularly at all four Stanford’s locations throughout the early 1990s, as well as other clubs and colleges throughout the Midwest. Shortly after his move to Michigan, he disappeared from the stand-up comedy scene, only to reappear in Flint, Michigan in 2007. He has been performing ever since as both a feature and headlining act throughout Michigan. Armstrong has also appeared as an actor on stage and on film in various roles.

Alexander Ketchum

Alexander Ketchum

Alex Ketchum is an improviser and standup comedian residing in Ferndale Michigan. Originally from Tennessee, Alex began his comedic journey studying improv in 2018 after moving to the Metro Detroit.

He started doing standup in 2019 and again in 2022. He was part of the 2022 Mark Ridley’s Detroit to LA contest and the 2023 MidWest Comedy Competition.

You can see him performing standup and/or improv at open mics in the metro Detroit area and at Go Comedy theater in Ferndale.

Finn St. John

finn st john

Finn is new to the Detroit Comedy scene, but is making a big splash.

Hailing from Ann Arbor, Finn has been seen at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, and has participated in the Comedy Rumble for the Inaugural Tree Top Comedy Festival.