BOTTLE OF RED – Margaret Edwartowski & Nancy Hayden

Margaret Edwartowski and Nancy Hayden (aka Bottle of Red) met at The Second City Detroit where they were both mainstage cast performers. Upon realizing they were essentially the same person, the two quickly became besties. Soon after, Margaret and Nancy, along with their pal Josh Funk, founded the Planet Ant Improv Colony in 2000 and “Improv Mondays at the Ant” were born. 


For some reason it never occurred to them to create a two-person troupe until one fateful night in 2006 when a team didn’t show up at Planet Ant and Hayden & Edwartowski hastily formed a duo, thought of a name that centered less around their copious red wine consumption and more around their *ahem* not-so-natural hair color, and filled in for the no-shows. (thanks, flakes!)


They also created a form that was half of the legendary Weirdass and half Goon River Anthology. They called it the Goon Ass. And it went well!

Bottle of Red was born, and the duo went on to play a sold-out improv run at Planet Ant as well as writing and performing their legendary sketch show ‘Uncorked,’ which ran at the Ant in the summer of 2007.


Since then, they’ve played at many super fun festivals including DIF and the Detroit Women of Comedy Festival. 

They still love to play the Goon Ass and you can catch them doing just that monthly at Go Comedy Theater in Ferndale.