Everyone is familiar with that emotion. Your heart beats faster. Your stomach turns, your hair stands on end and you break out in a cold sweat. It’s a powerful feeling. For some people, that’s enough to make you want to run away to a safer place. For Sara Young, it’s a sign that she is doing exactly what she needs to be doing.

Sara is a born and raised in the heart of Michigan. Originally from Oak Park, she currently resides at her starter home in Westland. She festered in corporate America until the end of 2016 when the onset of a midlife crisis told her that she was destined for bigger and better things. She broke free from her cubicle bonds and started exploring her creative side. This included becoming a laser photographer and 3D laser cut wood artist, as well as being licensed in Michigan to sell her secret sugar free cinnamon and spice roasted nuts. Still, she didn’t quite feel complete. Then one day, in late 2018, she found herself watching comedy specials on Netflix and HBO. Then and there, she had an epiphany: these comedians were just talking about their lives! And since SHE had a crazy life of her own, complete with a family filled with wacky characters, stand-up seemed like a natural fit. Plus, comedy was cheaper than therapy. She started to get that nauseous feeling again, and knew that she was on the right path.

In January of 2019, she took the plunge, took the stage, and never looked back. The magic was there immediately. She was even a semi-finalist in the Detroit 2 LA Comedy Competition at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in her very first year! Since then, she has branched out to perform at many other reputable Midwestern clubs, including One Night Stans, the Detroit House