Tom is a natural born comedian who prefers laughter to any
other drug. As a child, his quick wit and smart mouth got him in all
kinds of trouble. Now those very same skills help him pay the mortgage and keep his wife happy.

With 40 plus years of life experiences, Tom knows exactly what
not to say, however, he usually says it anyways. Audiences agree his style of
comedy is smart, relatable and extremely funny.

Tom connects with his audience through stories about his childhood, marriage and being a father of seven children, none of which look like him.

Over the years, Tom has shared the stage with many great
comedians, but his momma taught him to never kiss and tell.

Tom is a regular at The Old Country Buffett, The Golden Corral and any other venue that has an all you can eat buffet or a stage with a microphone. If you have a buffet and a microphone, good luck getting him to leave.